3-modules Architecture of a Study Program

Study program is divided into three groups which are connected to each other. The first module is a base for other two, and the third module enables to each individual student to study courses that fits to their specific interests the most. The modules are following:

A. towards the science bases of relevant disciplines:

  • Cognitive Science,
  • Theory of Information,
  • Logic and Semantics,
  • Neurosciences,
  • Theory of Self-organization etc.

The module is formed by mandatory courses mainly for the first year of study.

B. towards relevant application area:

  • Modelling,
  • Simulation,
  • Intelligent and Complex Systems,
  • Ontological engineering.

The modul is formed by other mandatory courses and by some optional ones.

C. other fields that can play an important role in a specific direction of the studies:

  • Project Management,
  • Methodology of science,
  • Philosophy of Language,
  • Philosophy of Mind,
  • Information Management,
  • Business Process Engineering,
  • Studies about Environment etc.

In this group there we naturally expect the greatest variation of future development.