Graduate profile

Graduates of Cognitive Informatics can find a wide range of job opportunities, especially in corporations in a field of strategic design or development management, same or similar positions in public administration, in central government (strategic management and designing central administrative offices) or relevant self-government body.

Other opportunities are open in management level of research and development, mainly in IS/ICT, or positions related to knowledge management, including biology synthesis of biology, psychology and informatics (such as neuropolitics, neuroeconomics, neuroinformatics) combined with knowledge engineering, modeling and simulation, as well as knowledge of basic philosophical disciplines exploring human knowledge and ethical regulation of human behavior.

Graduates can apply their knowledge in transformation management and management of public administration on the basis of e-government principles.

In addition, our graduates can work in all areas of human activity, where knowledge of nature can be used as a sphere of autonomous self-organization together with knowledge of the functioning of human thinking (especially in the political enforcement and economic implementation of the principle of sustainable development).

Within the current standard IT professions, there are the most frequent jobs suitable for a graduate:

  • Business Analyst,
  • ICT DevOps Manager (Development and Operations).


  • Business Development Manager,
  • ICT R&D Manager (Research and Development).

Professions listed above represent, in practice, a shift in professional use from corporate (corporate/organizational) levels toward corporate and public administration levels, including the level of central government.